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Sandwich wrapping machine


Heavy investment in R&D at Tefude has yielded several innovations that deliver hygienic design, modular construction, and low cost of sandwich wrapping machine to the sandwich. These include a new series of counting & vision systems, a flow wrapper for producing pillow packs with a 28-day shelf life, and a new Vertical Form Fill Seal machine with an Open Frame design.

What is a sandwich packing machine

What is a sandwich packing machine

Bakeries looking for a vertical bagger that can pack fresh or frozen goods into catering bags with high seal integrity should check out the sandwich packing machine.
With a maximum main feeding belt width of 1200mm and maximum packaging speed of 200 bags per minute, the sandwich packing machine is designed for producing catering bags of rolls, croissants, caramel, or chocolate cookies.

It boasts the highest seal pressure on the market - key for guaranteeing gas tight seals - and is available in a vertical configuration or with up to 55° angled transfer to minimize the risk of damage to fragile IQF rolls.

The centerpiece of Tefude’s new suite of counting systems is the state-of-the-art, орто булгануусун азайтуу, азык-гигиеналык талаптарга жооп берет. Рып, борборлоштурулган көзөмөл, жагы тар көз карандысыз көзөмөл, directly connect with the front production machine. тандоо электр бөлүштүрүү үчүн жеткиликтүү, туруктуу тилкелерин бөлүштүрүү, руля, жана башка дал түзмөктөр. The sandwich packing machine offers complete flexibility in terms of product type, shape, and size. It can accommodate fresh, par-baked, frozen, and difficult-to-handle raw dough products, whether baguettes, pretzel sticks, rolls, bagels, donuts, or croissants.

sandwich packing machine can accommodate fresh, par-baked, frozen, and difficult-to-handle raw dough products, whether baguettes, pretzel sticks, rolls, bagels, donuts, or croissants.

Tefude’s revolutionary technology, which combines a thermoforming shelf life with a pillow pack presentation, is set to become the packaging method of choice for sandwiches. By performing gas flushing and vacuuming at the same time, this unique modified atmosphere technology can extend the shelf life of fresh bread and tortillas to up to 28 days – normally only achievable with a thermoforming process. At the same time manufacturers benefit from a more attractive, environmentally friendly packaging format.

Want to learn more about the sandwich packing machine? Visit us at News or contact us directly.

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